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Green Capital
Raise funds to accelerate business growth. Empowering urban businesses and transforming rural communities through digital innovation.
Connecting responsible forward-looking investors to underserved businesses embracing green technologies and sustainable practices.
Impactful responsible financing and investment
At FundON, we aim to accelerate the sustainability and digital transformation impact by connecting responsible forward looking investors to underserved businesses and rural communities:
Embracing green technologies and sustainability
Capitalising on digital technologies and innovation
Sustainability advocacy. Resource-efficient. Climate-resilient.
Onboarded businesses will use raised capital to solve value-chain inefficiencies and urban-rural transformational bottlenecks by leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and various digitisation technologies within their business operations.
Beyond monetary returns, investors lending funds will also be investing for a cause - helping these underserved SMEs achieve stronger business performance, and propelling them towards embracing greater efficiencies under the environmental, social, and corporate governance (EGS) factors that would contribute a positive impact towards sustainability.
Currently raising funds for these sustainable ecosystems:
by 2024
by 2022
Risk Management - Protecting the interests of both SMEs and Investors.
SMEs applying for funding will be assessed on an additional layer of Green* Scoring criteria on top of customary credit risk assessments and ability to repay the loan. Fundraising will only be made available to investors upon meeting the minimum green score threshold.
Investors go through a stringent eKYC and AML screening process before being onboarded successfully onto the platform.
*What qualifies as green technologies or sustainability will be determined by FundON Green Score in accordance with industry standards and guidelines.
Blockchain-based data record attestation network
Quicker funding approvals and investments matching
All government-sourced data, corporate documents and records are securely placed in data rooms validated via blockchain for data accountability and provenance tracking. This enables funding and investments to take place in a more timely manner with efficient access to non-manipulable data required for both SME creditworthiness and investor risk assessment.
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Whether you’re a business looking to raise capital to accelerate your business growth and sustainability goals, or an investor looking to make your investments impactful with sustainable causes - Join us, because with you on board, we are taking a step closer in actioning towards a more sustainable society, future proofing the generations to come.
Investment highlights
The current food and agriculture value-chain is full of bottlenecks and inefficiencies. The issuer presents an investment opportunity on various Agritech and Foodtech projects, raising funds for SMEs that integrate technologies in the Agrifood markets, eliminating inefficient losses at various farm to fork value chain stages, which ultimately reduces waste in the global food system.
Total funded:
(Statistics: 31 Dec 2023)
Investment Returns:
12%-36% p.a
Investment Period:
6 to 12 months


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